PPP Consulting

With the current state of the capital markets, ever-rising construction costs, burgeoning budget deficits at the federal, state and local levels, as well as the fiscally conservative desire to not increase tax rates, the opportunity to participate in Public-Private Partnerships (“PPP”) has never been more attractive and/or necessary. Our management team has the required skill set, knowledge, and the public and private sector experience to create real estate developments that can be mutually beneficial to both the private developer as well as our public-sector partners.

With substantial knowledge and experience in PPP structuring and capital procurement, we can work with various community groups to create developments that can help achieve a community’s goals and objectives relative to job creation, quality of life, economic development, revenue growth, elimination of blight, public safety enhancements, and more. Our management team has the experience necessary to isolate and secure third party, public sector grants and incentives that can be a part of the overall project capital structure. These incentives include, but are not limited to, federal, state and local public grants of capital, real estate, long-term ground leases, tax credits, tax and fee forgiveness, private activity bonds, rebates, sales tax sharing arrangements, TIF financing, and a litany of various quasi-governmental agencies that can assist in funding these PPP projects.

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